Live 22 Slot Malaysia Review

Many people suck at keeping up with the pace of the game, and if you are anything like me, you probably face the same issue. I used to always be so slow paced, and take my own sweet time while playing, in the end this lead me to worse times.

I found myself sinking lower on the balance, often wondering where I went wrong. If I didn’t address this issue, I would lose the only chance there was to prove myself at work front. There were no such services like Live 22 Slot around to up my chances of getting better. It was only later I learnt that services like these lets the users set their own pace, I was overjoyed thinking why wasn’t there something like this back in the days? I could have saved myself a lot of trouble at hand had this been a thing a few years ago.

Presenting Live 22 Slot Malaysia

You can call me naïve but I used to think that all the slot games are just like the other. However, I was proved wrong when I started getting into it. There are actually three kinds of online slot games, they are inclusive of progressive – jackpot slots, bonus slots as well as lastly video slots. And although these may seem to be meagre in number, these games have a lot to offer to you.

Slot Games

Don’t worry, you will get the hang of it in time. Take the three reel slot game for beginners. I was anxious to play, thinking I would mess up, but practicing got me into the habit, and I am thankful for online slot games like these for it, I wouldn’t be able to master it in real slots. Some of my favorite slot games are Roaring Stripes, Laughing Buddha, Sexy Beach Party and Fortune Dance, these games are also amongst the most popular ones listen on the site. Another thing that I quite liked about this online gaming experience is that it is all in the convenience of my home!

Live Casino

For me, live casinos are the most fun, what about you? Well, it’s my personal favorite, why you ask? Because I do not have to worry about being under several pair of eyes, with pressure building inside of me. I can still get the hot lady dealer even when I’m playing online casino, fun isn’t it? To top it off, most of these casino games are offered for free, all in all you still have enough cash to spend on other games of your choice. Plus, I enjoyed playing Vegas Suite in my free time. All of the bonuses that I was offered after signing up on the site were overwhelming for a newbie like me, it made me realize just how much better the offline version is than the real life one. Whilst the real ones offered an okay 86 % payout, the online version would give you a 97 % in most cases.


These arcade games have taken the internet with a storm, you can see a wide variety of them available at your fingertips, just a click away from play. I was worried that most of these games must cost much, therefore I kept my distance. It was only later on that I found out most of these are actually free of cost, and all that was required for me to play was a login to the site. If you are looking for something that is more in your reach, then you are just in luck! I personally recommend you to play Jacks Or Better, and Monkey King.

Popular Games

I enjoyed trying my hand at games like Fortune Dance, Laughing Buddha, plus Roaring Stripes and others like the Sexy Beach Party. They are just so addictive, and you cannot really blame them that you are hooked onto the game for hours on the end.

Experience On Playing Live 22 Slot Malaysia

To say the least, it helped me learn a lot in terms of gaming. I was a total newbie to the world of online gaming. However, I had taken quite a liking to the ways of the casino and slots so much so that I wanted to get better at it. Visiting the real life place wasn’t really affordable to me as the cost of traveling back and forth would weigh me a lot on the pocket, therefore I consider this was a boon sent to me, I believe.

A few months into the experience, and I could see the little improvement in my skills and watch my score going up by bounds over time that I wouldn’t have otherwise reached in the past times. The ‘me’ from before would even fail to reach scores deemed as normal for other people.

All of the extra bonuses and rewards I got after signing up seemed to open new doors for me in the gaming world, levelling me up from a beginner to an intermediate. I used to doubt if this was the right way for me to go, but after a number of trials I set up my mind on doing it, and now you can find me with better trained skills on the gaming front.

My advice to you is keep going at it despite the errors, and you will soon find yourself getting better and better. If anything, the online versions are helping you to adapt to the real life ones, and thus increase your experience to a greater extent. If you are willing to improve your position in the real world without having to insert yourself into that place time and again, then you can definitely give a go to the online games.

Tips on how to win Live 22 Slot Malaysia

Practice is what makes man perfect – this saying has been around since decades. However, not many of us pay heed to it, and always want the easy way out of a situation. Everyone wishes for easy money, but getting a hold of this easy money isn’t so easy after all. The first step that you would want to take, is to first select a legitimate casino online. Bear in mind that a lot of casinos offer you gifts and rewards after you are done with the process of signing up, and you shouldn’t mistake this to be a hoax that fraudulent companies use to lure you in. You might want to start accepting these offers, these may be inclusive of gifts, casino bonuses, welcome packages, as well as promotions. The sole reason these companies dish out bonuses is for the sake of competition. Now moving onto the next step, you need to select a real bank that you will use to carry out transactions with the casino. Get a grip over the types of online methods of banking and payment before investing into the game.

You should read out everything that you can get to in relation to the game. Reading books as well as other sources on the internet, or just a little advice from your well-wishers would be of benefit to you, do not shy away from taking advice as it’ll only help you in the long run. The more knowledge you possess, the more power you assert over the game.

You must also be wise enough to stray away from meaningless thrift, trust me, you’ll come to regret it later on. This is real money you are dealing with therefore you need to take steps with caution. You should always make sure that you have enough saved in the bankroll, before you decide to spend some on the game. Remember that there is no guarantee of you winning every game you play on the internet.

Another point that I would like to add here, is to invest in when you are ready for it and not just for the sake of winning money. I have seen a lot of people, myself included regretting over the lost money, but what’s the use of crying over spilt milk? If you think of enjoying a little game at the cost of your money, then I think it is worth it. This way, you will be able to handle the losses incurred in the game.

Final thoughts on Live 22 Slot Malaysia

I was able to finally get out of my shell and face the real world with a new perspective, and to be honest, I never expected it to come from something such as gaming. I would not be able to keep up with the game’s pace so somewhere in the back of my mind, there would always be this hesitation to continue or no. Continuing would mean me losing all of my hard earned money, while pausing would mean all of my previous effort wasn’t worth it. If you are anything like me, and your inability to keep up is dawning on you, then Live 22 Slot Malaysia is a choice for you. A simple sign up process was what was needed for me to adapt myself according to the game, while also consequently getting better at it. I did not have to travel back and forth between my working space and the real casino.

Check out Live 22 Slot Malaysia here.

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