Lucky Palace LPE 88 Slot Malaysia Review

The Heaven of Online Gambling

Gambling for me and my wife is something like, without which we can just not imagine any kind of entertainment. We are so crazy about gambling that we used to go to casinos every weekend without missing. But the problem with us was that not only no casinos were there in our city and we had to fly 300 miles to enjoy gambling, but also that we were bored of playing same games over and over. 

Imagine waiting restlessly all week for the Sunday to arrive; buying two expensive two-way flight tickets, and then finding crowds in almost every casino and having only one or two games to play with.  That was frustrating. Casinos which used to be our haven of escape soon became a boring time-waste. 

Honestly speaking, we were losing our touch of gambling, but thanks to Playtech who saved our hobby by creating an online version of Lucky Palace 88 Slot Malaysia that not only allowed us to play right from our homes but also offered us a huge range of games to choose from.

The Playtech powered LPE88 casino has got something to play for everyone. Online, Slots, Live Dealers games, and Jackpot games are packed with a large number of highly exciting games which not only stun the player with their gorgeous graphics but also provide the chance to make some handsome real money.

Live Dealer Games: 

Live Dealers are always the most popular among all the games. With LPE88, you get the chance to play at a live table and with a live dealer. Some of the Live Dealers game which you must not miss are:

  • Live Hi-Lo
  • 3 Card Brag Live
  • No Commission Baccarat Live
  • No Commission 7 Seat Baccarat Live
  • Dual Roulette Live
  • 7 Seat Baccarat
  • Blackjack Live (Euro)
  • Casino Hold’em
  • Unlimited Blackjack Live
  • Mini Bacarrat Live
  • Progressive Baccarat Live

Slot Games:

Slot Games are my all-time favorite because they give massive payouts on almost every slot and regularly come out with high jackpot wins. Slot games which you’ll definitely love are:

  • Dragon Champion
  • Epic Age
  • Jungle Giants
  • Pharaoh’s Treasure Deluxe
  • Xuan Pu Lian Huan
  • Haosha Chang Shuang
  • Land Of Gold
  • Heavenly Ruler
  • Asian Fantasy
  • Pixel Samurai
  • Gaelic Luck

Jackpot Games:

Winning a Jackpot is not something that happens only in movies. You can have it in real life easily and all you need to do is to either hit the lucky number on Roulette Wheel or beat the dealer on the Blackjack.

  • Pharaoh’s Treasure Deluxe
  • Age of The Gods: Furious Four
  • Silent Samurai Jackpot
  • Land Of Gold
  • Age of The Gods: Fate Sisters
  • Age of The Gods: Prince of Olympus
  • Monty Pythion’s Life of Brian
  • Fairest of Them All
  • Age of The Gods: Roulette
  • Five Tiger Generals
  • Age of The Gods: Goddess of Wisdom
  • Gusher Story Jackpot

Popular Games:

For me, all the games on LPE 88 casino are immensely entertaining, but if you want to take a look on the most played games, they are:

  • Dragon Champion
  • Haoshi Chang Shueng
  • Time For a Deal
  • Spud O’Reilly’s crops of Gold
  • Pissices and The wolf
  • Daring Dave and the Eye of Ra
  • Bounty of the Beanstalk
  • Adventures in Wonderland Deluxe
  • Siribad’s Golden Voyage
  • Fand Kuang Mia Jiang
  • Fu Tiger Generals
  • Lie Yan Zuan Shi
  • Fortunes of the Fox

Other Games:

Before leaving, you can also put your lucky hands on these games:

  • Rubik’s Ricks
  • Classic Slot Scratch
  • Blackjack Surrender Multihand
  • Premium European Roulette
  • American Blackjack
  • 3 Card Brag
  • Premium American Roulette

Amazing Features of Lucky Palace LPE 88


  1. Variety OF Games: As I said, I was pretty much bored of playing repetitive games over and over. But Lucky Palace LPE88 has over a hundred and fifty diverse games to choose from. Moreover, you can customize a game’s appearance according to your choice every time you want to play. And they also have the option to play live games online.

It won’t be wrong to say that it is the huge choice of gaming options and flexibility which makes Lucky Palace 88 one of the best online casinos in Asia.

  1. Easily Available: Going manually in a casino can not only be a time-taking task, but also very costly if the casino is located far away from your place. Lucky Palace LPE88 online games don’t have these problems. Now you can play from your bedroom or from the cafeteria or from anywhere in the world you want and at any time. The games are supported on all the operating systems i.e. Windows, Mac, IOS, Android etc. and can be played on any device such as desktop, mobile or tablet. All you need to do is to download the casino and you’re ready to dive into the amazing world of Lucky Palace LPE 88.
  2. Safety: When it comes to gambling money online, safety is no doubt the first concern. It’s obvious for players like you and me to ask questions about if our money is safe or if the game has been designed in a way that I’m only going to lose. But the truth is that good casinos like Lucky Palace LPE 88 know that they can make a lot more money through playing fair than they can make by tricking and robbing their customers. Lucky Palace LPE 88 focuses on making a good relationship with the players, and its fair play system puts both the game and the player in a win-win situation.
  3. Budget of All Sizes: I’d suffered a tragic loss in my first try of gambling, and the loss was so big I felt like never gambling again. To prevent beginners from facing such a condition, Lucky Palace LPE88 gives them the option to choose small bets so as to get some practice on gambling without losing a lot of money. For advanced players who love making large bets, there’re also myriads of options for larger bets.  
  4. Excellent Customer Service: Technology has glitches, and some of them can result in blocking your money transaction. This has happened to me not one, but three times. But all I had to do was to make a call to the 24*7 customer service of Lucky Palace LPE 88 and my problem was solved within minutes. This is the reason why I commend their customer service.

Best Tips to Win Lucky Palace LPE 88

Winning at slots is never easy, and there are no clear cut tricks, but keeping a few things in mind can make you a wise player.

a)       Go For The Slots With Highest Payouts: The slots with higher Return to Player percentage give more payouts. The RTP percentage is usually mentioned in the setting or help options of the slot machine.

b)      Keep An Eye On The Volatility of the Slots: Volatility is the measure of how risky a particular slot is. The slots having low volatilities give more wins but lower amounts, while slots having higher volatilities give fewer wins but higher amounts.

Plan your budget wisely according to how much you can afford to lose before choosing either of the two above-mentioned options. In my opinion, it is always good to go with slots with low volatilities.

c)       Know The Rules: It is not a good idea to start playing without even knowing the rules of a game. For more complex games such as poker and blackjacks, you can start with low bets and see how you’re doing before moving on to big bets.

d)      Bonuses are Gifts: Almost every online slot comes with extra bonuses such as cash or free spins. You cannot lose on free spins, and that means you can only win. Your luck is the only limitation of how much you win.

Final thoughts on Lucky Palace LPE 88 Slot Malaysia

Online slot games have totally eliminated the problem of place and time for busy and faraway players along with reducing the cost of playing to almost zero. Players can now make money while experiencing the thrill and enjoyment in 3D visuals anytime and anywhere they want.

Being one of the oldest and most reliable casinos in the world, Lucky Palace LPE 88 can be trusted to be a very safe online gambling platform. They provide more than a hundred games of all types and allow the players to start with a very low price. They are accessible on every device and operating system, and with their easy to use interface, even a beginner can become a pro in almost no time. And the best thing about them is always the safety options which they provide and their easy to reach twenty-four-hours customer care service.

If you are a lover of gambling, and if you are looking for a trusted casino where you can make money, they head over to Lucky Palace LPE 88 Slot Malaysia and start playing right now!!  

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